Photographed and illustrated artist JGrrey for Mission Statement Magazine print issue #1 (coming soon)

Photographer: Martina Martian @martinamartian and Charlie Chich @charliejchich
Styling: Lily McMurray @lilymcmurrayy
Make-up Artist: Sophia Sinot @sophiasinot
Hair: Kevin Shanti @kcshanti
Nails: Angel Minh @anglesnailz
Fashion Assistance: Rose Heath @_roseheath and Dalisha Chauhan @dalisha.c
Photography Assistance: Sophie Lewis @sophaaaaa
Runner: Susannah Gilespie @scootergillespie

Illustrations: Martina Martian @martinamartian

Executive Producer: Kevin Flag @theflaggram

Location: Saint Aymes Cafe @saintaymes
Interviewer: Kevin Flag @theflaggram

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