Nike Product Activation
Led the Nike Classic Cortez product activation with graffiti artist Phibbs, promoting women's empowerment.
I was invited to lead the Nike Cortez Experience with graffiti artist Phibbs  May 2017, celebrating the exclusive women’s collection of the classic Nike Cortez. My mural and product activation achieved further engagement with Nike's female audience and promoted the new release. 
Speaking publicly to the women at the event, I espoused the values of the Nike Cortez: be bold, don't conform, be unafraid. Demonstrating these values, I created my own spray painted mural inspired by the Nike Classic Cortez. I was then joined by other female artists and influencers to collaborate on a group mural.  

Additionally, I customised my own Nike Cortez shoes, which were worn on the day.  

Images by Sarah Marzukie.
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