A collaborative project inviting individuals from across the world to document their experiences of isolation. 

Each recipient receives a limited edition single use camera designed by Martina Martian, to capture this strange, historic time through a personal lens.

 The resulting images act as a time capsule for this point in our lives, and will be curated as an online experience in the future.

The limited edition cameras are **only** available to project participants.
Round 2 of the project will involve a new limited edition design, and be an open call to the public.

"Scenes from Isolation Project: 
For each of us, home looks different. Isolation looks different. Use this camera to document scenes from your experience of isolation. Whatever you find significant of beautiful about his experience- the rituals that give you comfort, the objects that make a home, the people you share it with. Future generations will ask what it was like, staying home all this time. This is what it was like."
Packages sent out to Round 1 participants
Round 1 limited edition design, only available to participants of the project.
Round 2 will feature a new limited edition design, available only to Round 2 participants. To register your interest, click here

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